Summer Idea: Invite Someone To A NBS2GO Bible Study On YouVersion!

Crossing county or state lines to visit our families is now more normal via the bright, glowing screens we stare at day after day. 2020 was spent inside “Brady Bunch squares” as we “gathered” to make the best of it. Where has this taken you? Personally, I have “traveled” to Arizona, Texas, Ohio, Florida, and Colorado. The relationships I value have motivated me to reach out to dear friends and family with whom I’m not normally involved.

Because of this desire for meaningful connection, I wanted to use one of NBS2GO’s YouVersion Bible plans. YouVersion (also known as or the Bible App) is an online and mobile Bible platform. It’s Bible App features 2,062 Bible versions in 1,372 languages. During the pandemic, this was a perfect opportunity to study God’s Word with my family who lives 500 miles away. The YouVersion NBS2GO plans are condensed 2GO studies from  Only five days long, they tantalize for the longer studies. They are amazing! Reflecting the traditional format, these studies feature one passage of scripture with five days of questions.

What did I gain in this experience?

*Personal growth. Trusting God in a Crisis was one of the studies that I did with a family member. We were both facing personal crises and needed desperately to hear God’s voice in our circumstances. Our tender hearts joined together as we sought God’s leading in His Word. The thought-provoking questions of the study led us to new insights.

*Insights from my family. As I met virtually with my family, I could see what the Lord was showing them. Their own rich understanding drew me closer to our all-knowing, all-loving God. I gained a fuller, more comprehensive view of Scripture. 

*A deeper connection with family. Just as gathering normally in the past has increased my compassion for others, so this virtual connection likewise drew us closer.  In our “chat room” we wrote our prayers; pouring out our hearts as we typed became a normal experience. Nothing draws you into a person’s story quite like this!

Is there a long-distance family member or friend you have wanted to spiritually connect with? Is there someone you want to remain close to, yet don’t know how? Has the Lord put someone on your heart to reach out to? Try this idea! Spend five days, use a simple format, and watch for life transformation.

Here’s a sample email or text to send: Hey Susan, your friendship is valuable in my life. It’s been on my heart to invite you to do a virtual five-day Bible study with me called Trusting God in a Crisis. Would you want to try it with me?

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