Three Years Of Powerful Partnership

We never dreamed that a partnership with YouVersion, the world’s most widely downloaded Bible app, would bear nearly as much fruit for the Kingdom of God as it has in the last three years! August 5, 2020, was the start of a unique opportunity that has propelled NBS2GO to reach nearly 400,000 people across the world in 39 languages. We can confidently say that this partnership was established, and the work is sustained by consistent and fervent prayer.

As we sought a way to widely distribute our simple 2GO Bible Studies, we knew they needed to be accessible on smartphones. Can you believe that anywhere from five to seven billion people have a smartphone? So when God opened the door for us to provide people with a simple tool to study His Word together with YouVersion, we were eager to step through! All of the 2GO Bible Studies have been adapted into the app’s devotional plans. To date, the app is downloaded on nearly 600 million devices worldwide. However, the lives transformed by encountering God’s Word in their languages are more important than numbers.

The work of the Holy Spirit has taken place in a variety of ways:

  • Families living in different states connect to study scripture using a 2GO Bible Study devotional plan.
  • Using the Advent plan, one believer uses the tool as an outreach to friends yearly at Christmas.
  • An avenue for connecting with pastors interested in translating Bible studies into their language. Recently, a believer in Nigeria found us on YouVersion and contacted us to translate into the Tiv language.
  • Using the Talk It Over section to stay connected to neighbors by studying Scripture.

We encourage you to think through ways you might use these simple Bible studies to reach the people God has placed in your life! The YouVersion Bible app has made it so easy. On the app, simply click Plans and then click Find Plans. From that page, use the search feature and search NBS2GO. What’s great is that you can give these same simple instructions to anyone, no matter the language, and the plans will become available.

The newest English plans include Prayer Walking, Build, Mommy, Space and Weaver. Light in Latvian and Trust in Spanish, Afrikaans, Russian, Romanian, and more are also available! All plans are free to use and share with others and lead participants to the full Bible study on once completed.

Join us in reaching the world for Christ by sharing the Good News with others!