Four Friends, Four Cities, One Word

It was fall 2019. We had no idea what lay ahead in a few short months. When 2020 hit, we all were trying to process COVID. The lockdowns, masks, quarantines, and school closures all seemed to create an atmosphere of fear in our communities, families and workplaces. In His sovereignty, God divinely brought four ladies together to do a Bible study on Advent. Following the Spirit’s prompting to begin a weekly Zoom based Bible study, Amy, Lee, Susie and Cindy had no idea what a source of encouragement this would be for the difficult days that lay ahead.

As the challenges of 2020 stretched on, these four friends began asking, “How can I keep my heart encouraged and how can God use me to reach others in this difficult season?”  The answer to this question resulted in these four ladies from four different cities continuing their online Bible study and inviting others to join. 

Each of these ladies carries significant leadership responsibilities in their workplace as well as family and church commitments. Yet, they each knew that God was calling them to carve out 30 minutes each week to nourish their souls in His Word and prayer. 

What’s special and unique about this story is that only two of the four ladies knew each other prior to starting the Bible study.

Backing up to 2017, Amy and Susie had started a conference call style Bible study using NBS2GO’s LIGHT Bible study. They met weekly for half an hour to read scripture and discuss how the passages of scripture apply to their lives. During this time, Amy and Susie prayed for God to awaken the hearts of others to join their Bible study. 

Fast forward to 2019, God answered that prayer above and beyond by bringing Cindy and Lee to not only join the Bible study but also help facilitate it as well. Now years later, Amy, Susie, Cindy, and Lee continue to meet for thirty minutes weekly by Zoom to pray and read God’s Word together. In light of the simplicity of the NBS2GO studies and the ‘good fit’ to the thirty-minute timeframe, these ladies found themselves completing almost all of the NBS2GO Bible studies. Listen to what each lady has to say about how God has used the weekly Bible study and the relationships formed from the Bible study: 

“The ladies in this group are such a bright spot in my life and a place of community. I can feel their love carrying me through the rough and sometimes treacherous roads.” Susie 

“God divinely brought this group together on Zoom knowing that we would need each other during the difficult season of 2020.” Amy 

“We are prayer warriors and accountability partners for each other.” Cindy

“God’s timing is so perfect in each of the scriptures that we read each week being just what we need to hear.” Lee 

Like beautifully lit scented candles, these ladies let God’s Spirit permeate their hearts and minds so that His fragrance flows through them to family members, friends, and coworkers.