A Smashing Success

What a difference a year and some small changes make!

Two years ago, three dedicated neighbors braved the cold to join our first pumpkin decorating event, but this past year 36 kids and adults swarmed our lawn.

What changed? 

One minor but significant adjustment we made was to move the party from the backyard to the front yard. Crossing the threshold into another’s home can be a big step for some. 

At this event, we were able to build trust with multiple families in our neighborhood and we even had an opportunity to talk about Jesus’ death and resurrection with a couple teens who expressed an interest in the topic. 

These families gathering at our event show the people groups present in our neighborhood such as Indian, Mexican, Salvadorian, Nigerian, and more.

My husband and I love hosting larger gatherings around the holidays to catch more “fish.” But what if hosting big groups isn’t for you this fall? Let me suggest some great options to be a light on Halloween from my dear co-laborer Pam McCune.

It can be as simple as opening your DOOR!

  • Give the BEST candy. (If you give a good-news tract, put candy with it as well.) Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. Be a generous giver.
  • Pray for your neighborhood. Prayer-walk or prayer-drive the neighborhood, asking God to help you develop relationships and to be a blessing to someone.
  • Have treats for the parents — cold water or hot chocolate, depending on the weather.
  • Greet visitors with a smile and a welcoming attitude. Be on the porch as they walk up. Create an inviting atmosphere with happy music playing. Decorate with pumpkins. (Remember they are not evil.)
  • Get to know your neighbors by asking how they are or who they are.
  • Value the children by finding something positive to say about their costumes.
  • Have some dog treats available in case your neighbors bring Fido.
  • If you don’t live in a neighborhood, seek to serve someone who is, perhaps a friend, who would love company as they hand out candy.

Aren’t these ideas practical? Let us know if any of them inspired you! 

May our homes be the brightest and warmest greeting that families receive in our neighborhoods! Let’s shine our light for Jesus!