NBS2GO Rebranding!

The time has come when our labor is bearing fruit.  We are ready to tell the world what we have been working on these past two years!  Praise God!  The NBS2GO ministry has rebranded itself, and we want to share our news with everyone.

We began this journey two years ago, asking God how we could make our website more accessible and user-friendly as He brought people ready to be equipped and encouraged to reach the people around them and begin Bible studies.  The journey that started as a website refresh grew into a new look for our ministry.

Though our look has changed, NBS2GO remains the same.  We wanted our new logo to be welcoming and bring clarity to our mission, hence highlighting Neighbor Bible Studies.  We also wanted to continue to boldly proclaim that we believe God’s word can transform communities around the GLOBE.  Our website still offers 13 free Bible studies in 49 languages, and they are easier than ever to access.

We stand by the tried and true practice of Pray-Connect-Lead, and we hope that our new site gives you the tools you need to love your neighbor.

And lastly, we are so proud that our site gives you access to our new podcast series Called To Shine.  Called to Shine is a community that believes Jesus is our light and aims to spur each other on to love God and others right where we live. We hope you can make time to listen to the podcast or explore CTS on Instagram as you join us in remembering that WE ARE CALLED TO SHINE!  

 Please take a moment to explore and share nbs2go.com.