Advent Bible Studies Reach The World

The long-anticipated hope of a Savior finally arrived when Jesus Christ was born and joined His creation on Earth! That hope remains an anchor of our faith to this day. I think back to Acts 5 when one of the Pharisees was interacting with the apostles who were imprisoned. The apostles had been let out of jail but told not to preach anymore. They remained faithful to God and kept on preaching and in response, the Pharisee said, “…let them alone, for if this plan or this undertaking is of man, it will fail; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them” (ESV). We are indeed seeing this scripture fulfilled right before us as the spread of God’s Word has not been stopped or overthrown!

We are passionate about equipping people to study God’s Word! Advent is an incredibly opportune time to invite those you live near and/or connect with to study scripture. As many are searching for hope to anchor their souls, believers in Jesus can share why the hope of Jesus is worth resting in.

Our Advent Bible Study is designed “to draw our attention to the humble commencement of the Savior of our lives” and give you a simple tool to share with others. This year NBS2GO is incredibly excited to release the Advent Bible Study in nine new languages! Those languages include Chinese Simplified, Danish, German, Hindi, Latvian, Macedonian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Zulu.

Arial, our Hindi translator and co-laborer for the Kingdom, expressed his joy by saying, “I thank God for enabling me to translate this Advent Bible Study into Hindi. My heart was filled with thanks. I shared with my wife, and we were both discussing how our fathers were trying to reach the standard of God by worshiping the creation. We could have been in darkness forever. I believe that this study of Advent will help others grasp the coming of Jesus Christ to earth and will strengthen the foundation of the believer’s faith, helping them to be a witness of our Eternal Savior.”

Baiba, our dear Latvian friend and translator, said, “Being part of the translation process has blessed me by giving me time to think about important questions, and I believe it will be useful for everyone who will go through the study during Advent. It is simple to follow but contains deep questions and insights. It will also be useful in my “Ability Movement” ministry since we will be able to go through it during our Zoom Bible studies. Due to its simplicity, I can also suggest it for individual study.” 

I recently joined Baiba and her Bible study group on Zoom as we experienced the Advent study together. We spent time exploring Matthew 1:18-25, and I personally learned from these brothers and sisters in Christ who had such sincere and humble hearts as they approached the passage and let the Holy Spirit teach. One gentleman was encouraged to share this resource with a coworker with whom he has begun having spiritual conversations! We pray you, too, will boldly step forward in faith to share the Advent Bible Study in English or any of the nine new languages with someone you know. This could be the very first time someone is introduced to the person of Jesus!