Host a Gathering

The purpose of hosting a gathering is to get to know your neighbors and build meaningful connections. You may even want to gauge interest in starting your own Bible study.

First, determine your audience. Who do you want to invite? Women, men, singles, couples, kids, no kids. Once you determine who you want to invite, don’t be shy!

Invite everyone in your audience:

  • Those you know
  • Those you don’t know
  • Those you think will be a definite yes
  • Those you think will not attend

You never know who will show up.

What type of gathering do you want to host? What do you think your audience would most enjoy? A coffee, brunch, seasonal party, a block party for your street, a park meet-up.

Decide a time and location you think will be best for the group.

The most effective invitation has a personal touch. You can invite them during a conversation or by text, email, or printed invitation. Consider posting your event to a neighborhood site. Consider following up on the invitation by personally reaching out to those you invited.

See our Gathering Guide for best hosting practices.
Print out our Conversation Starters & One-Word-Answer questions to foster connection.

If you sense it’s time to begin a Bible study, simply end the gathering by saying:

“We had such a great time together. Starting a Bible study is on my heart. Would you like to join me?” Be sure to collect contact information, if needed, so that you can invite them to the Bible study.

Discover NBS2GO Bible study materials to lead your neighbors.