Seasonal Ideas to Connect

There are great ways to connect with neighbors all year long. Here are some seasonal and holiday ideas for you to try based on the time of year.

We often think everything has to be perfect – the invites, our homes, the food. It doesn’t! People relate to the reality of our lives and want to see that your life is as normal or hectic as theirs.

5 ways to purposefully extend God’s love to your neighbors:

  • Write a note that says, “I love that God made us neighbors!” and include a few sentences about how thankful you are to be their neighbor.
  • Buy flowers or chocolates and share them with a single friend or widow.
  • Print out a simple craft or make valentines for or with children in your neighborhood.
  • Take a moment to communicate God’s love to people on your heart (lonely, depressed, discouraged, grieving, etc.).
  • Send a message including your favorite worship song or scripture about the Father’s love.

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5 ways to connect with neighbors this Spring:

  • Share gardening ideas or fresh flowers.
  • Host an outdoor potluck as the weather warms up.
  • Invite people on walks to get to know them better.
  • Fill a mason jar or bag with candy and attach a note that says, “It’s a treat to be your neighbor this spring!”
  • Offer to help with yardwork.

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5 ways to include neighbors in your Easter celebration:

  • Attach a note to some candy and wish them a blessed Easter.
  • Host a brunch or lunch on Easter. Ask open-ended questions to encourage discussion.
  • Organize a children’s egg hunt. At the end, use the Resurrection Eggs to share the message of Easter.
  • Plan a simple sunrise service. Make coffee, bring doughnuts, sing a few hymns, share a five minute message.
  • Include neighbors as you think about attending your local church service.

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5 ways to make the summer count:

  • Initiate a gathering at a local pool.
  • Help the neighborhood kids host a lemonade stand for a good cause.
  • Host a backyard BBQ or movie night.
  • Get kids together for popsicles.
  • Since summers are slower, host a 4-6 week neighborhood Bible study while your neighbors are available, or consider doing a digital version for people who are away.

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5 ways to embrace a season of change:

  • Text a casual invite: “Hi, friends! Come comfy and hang on my porch tonight. Bring something or nothing! Let me know if you’re in!”
  • Host a pumpkin painting party.
  • Have a Football Tailgate/watch party: Gather neighbors before the local high school or college football game. Serve hot dogs or easy dinner food. Allow everyone to pitch in potluck style. Walk to the game together or watch at home
  • Light a fire pit and make s’mores.
  • Offer to help a neighbor rake leaves.

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5 ways to think differently as families come to your door this year:

  • Pray for all those who come.
  • Be gracious and encouraging.
  • Be a generous giver.
  • Begin or develop a friendship.
  • Be a light for God.

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5 do’s and don’ts:

  • DO invite someone who lives alone or has family out of town.
  • DO offer food that’s easy to prepare or order.
  • DO pick a day to celebrate being thankful.
  • DON’T assume it has to be on Thanksgiving day.
  • DON’T forget to laugh and enjoy the people.

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5 ways to connect this Christmas season:

  • Organize a bike ride or walk to look at Christmas lights.
  • Go caroling and offer hot cocoa when you’re done.
  • Host a brunch or gathering.
  • Invite friends to a Christmas Eve service.
  • Host an Advent Bible Study.

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