The Lord’s Prayer for Neighbors

When Jesus’ disciples asked for teaching on how to pray, Jesus taught them what we’ve now come to know as The Lord’s Prayer. Consider following his model as you pray for your neighbors.

Praise God as you begin, possibly using the alphabet as your guide: God, you are almighty, abundant. God, you are benevolent, big, beside me…

Ask God for your neighbors to come to see Him as He is (the same attributes you just worshiped him for: holy, almighty, abundant, benevolent, big, beside me, etc.).

Acknowledge the Lordship of Christ over your neighborhood or workplace. Visualize a spotlight shining into each place you pass. Let it represent God’s love shining down and drawing your neighbors to Him. Pray for salvation and spiritual awakening.

Pray God’s will to be accomplished in every location and in every home.

Pray for the provision of basic needs for each person and home. Visualize a sprinkler of God’s blessings covering each place.

Pray for reconciliation with God and others. Pray for God to break down walls and barriers. Pray that spouses, families and neighbors would forgive one another and work toward reconciliation.

Pray that God would cast out and keep out all evil from your neighborhood, workplace or school. Ask God to strengthen those around you to stand against temptation.

Proclaim His kingdom, power, and glory over your community. Pray that God’s presence would be seen and experienced and that people would come to acknowledge Him as Lord—everything you can see is rightfully His anyway!

John F. DeVries granted NBS2GO permission to use this concept from his book Why Pray? 40 Days from Words to Relationship in our resources. These prayers can be used on your mobile device or cards can be printed and cut to use as you walk and pray.