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What is NBS2GO?
NBS2GO = Neighbor Bible Studies 2GO. This website is the packaging of ideas, resources, and inspiration to equip believers to launch and multiply Bible study groups. There are three simple steps to help you begin a Bible study group. Start with Pray.

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What is a 2GO Bible Study?

Each study in this series has suggested Scriptures providing options for four separate studies, spanning four to twelve weeks in length. The same passage of suggested Scripture is read each day and thought-provoking questions are answered. The repeated reading and study of Scripture allows the Holy Spirit to reveal deeper meaning and insight into the passage.

The simplicity and depth of these studies enable people of all faith levels to explore Scripture using the inductive method. They can be used individually, but are designed to encourage group participation. Through open and honest sharing, comprehension is enhanced with varied perspectives. This feature helps them to apply Scripture more readily to their lives.

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